Collection of Herb and Ann Keck, Wooden Duck Antiques Bodega, CA (Online)

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Being the child of an antique dealer is a unique experience. Anne Keck and I shared such a childhood and I remember seeing her as a kid when my parents visited the Wood Duck Antique Shop in Bodega. The shop was memorable to my father because as he said, “Herb had guns. Good ones.” It stood out to me because it was located next to the site where the Alfred Hitchkock movie The Birds was filmed.


Annabelle and Herb Keck operated their memorable shop for 50 years. It was a traditional antiques store featuring silver, pewter, crystal, art, china and furniture but like most old school dealers they were also collectors with antique firearms being a primary interest.


I’m not sure if it’s serendipity or destiny, but it certainly seems appropriate that Anne Keck and I ultimately reconnected. After all we share an unusual and rich background and, therefore, a kind of bond. Our dad’s collected antique firearms, we both grew up in Sonoma County and we both have the distinction of being a child of treasure hunting parents.


Please join us as we redistributed the lifetime collection through Bidsquare. 


Brian Witherell, COO

Witherell’s Inc



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