What’s Your Treasure?

Can’t make it to the What’s Your Treasure? event but have treasures and stories to share? Get your FREE online evaluation right here!

Roadshow at the Bakersfield Museum of Art
Monday, Dec 9, 2019
9:30am – 4pm

At our auction house in Sacramento, we see hundreds of exciting objects coming through the door each week for a Free Evaluation. We love learning about your family treasures, and one of Brian Witherell’s favorite things is making “Roadshow” discoveries! So taking What’s Your Treasure? on the road is a natural and exciting step.

What’s Your Treasure? Fundraiser to benefit Bakersfield Museum of Art

Visit the BMoA Roadshow details page, and register today!

  • First come, first served only during the selected 1hr appointment time frame.
  • Please arrive during your selected 1hr appointment time frame. Early arrivals will not be checked in until the time of their appointment.
  • Participants can bring up to two (2) items for a verbal auction evaluation.
  • No books of any kind will be assessed for evaluation at the event.
  • Participants must have the ability to carry their items into the event for evaluation.
  • BMoA cannot provide physical help, tools, or carts to load items into the event.
  • Photos of larger items are suitable for verbal evaluations.
  • BMoA is not liable for any damage incurred at this event.

1930 R St. Bakersfield CA 93301

$35 BMoA Members

$40 Non-Members

*NOTE: You must make a payment to complete your Appointment Registration.

For more information, access Bakersfield Museum of Art or call (661) 323-7219.