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Private sales are reserved for high value objects, typically above $10,000. If your situation supports a private sale be assured that you, our customer, will receive a highly personalized service that is free from stress. We handle all the details.

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“In some cases the security or discretion of a private sale is more appropriate for our client’s circumstance. In such cases our knowledge of the market and the collectors, institutions and dealers who drive it allows us to match great objects to appropriate buyers.”

Maximum Reach Without the Hassle

We are one of the West’s most trusted antique auction houses, and one of our specialties is the private sale. This confidential sale of art or antiques takes place out of the public eye, and free from the obstacles and fees of an online auction.

Private Sales customers can expect the highest degree of discretion, confidentiality, and integrity from us, which is why our clients trust us with their selling needs time and again.

Our over 40 years of experience has made us the first choice for discerning collectors.

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