Makers’ Index

Maker and Manufacturers Index…Coming Soon

We are working on a Maker and Manufacturers Index as well as an Index of regional artists to act as a useful tool for people who love antiques. We believe the history behind the artifacts of the past adds to our appreciation of their value to us today.

Certainly, many of the stories that led to the rise (and sometimes the fall) of early manufacturers and makers, are interesting and inspiring. Imagine building a business without the conveniences we now enjoy – picture transport by sailing ships, infrequent and slow trains and cross-country wagons. Rudimentary and unreliable communication systems, the constant threat a fire that could entirely destroy a manufacturer’s building and inventory, the scarcity of materials and so many more real, physical barriers to innovation. And still, because of their perseverance to succeed we collect their work today. Theirs is a triumph of will, talent and determination.

Throughout our years as antique appraisers in Sacramento, San Francisco and Northern California, we’ve handled work by most of the Makers listed below. We are always interested in learning more – so, if you can offer a new Maker for our Index we will welcome the input. Our Directories will always be a work-in-progress.

Our Makers’ index is coming soon, and will feature the following names and more:

Allen & Brother
Barrett & Sherwood
Belter, John
Bembe & Kimbel
Boyd, John D.
Braverman & Levy
Breuner, John
Bryant & Strahan
Burnham, James W.
California Furniture Manufacturing Co.
California Jewelry Company
Chadbourne, F.S. & CO.
Cooks Brothers
Charles M. Plum & CO.
Easton, John
Emanuel Brothers
Fifth Street Furniture Manufacturing Co.
Frank, Henry
Frei Furniture Factory
Friedrich, Wenzel
George C. Flint & CO.
Grantz, Herman
Hahn, William
Herter Bros.
Jonas G. Clarke & Co.
Johnson & Best
Josephi, Robert
John B. Luchsinger & Son
J. Pierce & Co.
Jacob Strahle & Co.
Knorp, A. F.
Koehler & Ritter
Kragen & Geishaker
Laird, David White
Price, Michael
San Francisco Furniture Factory
Schulz AND Fischer
Shreve & Co.
Tucker, John W.
Vanderslice, William Keyser
William J. Heney & Co.
Weir, W. G.
West Coast Furniture Company
Will & Finck