The Auction Insider

My last post introduced Witherell’s newest auction concept – 3rd Thursday Discovery. If that information piqued your interest, the diversity of product available in this auction will definitely get you to take a closer look.

Bidding for all items starts at $5 and range from a Ford F-150 truck (yes, really) to an Eli Terry Clock. Eli Terry did for clocks what Steve Jobs did for computers. He revolutionized the way timepieces were made so they could be mass produced. Also included in the auction are several pieces of Chinese Export Porcelain which, like the clock, represent production methods well ahead of their time. These items were produced between the 16th and 20th centuries exclusively for the European and American markets and remain desirable as a stunning accent on any table.

If you are a collector of art perhaps you will be interested in a Wayne Thiebaud signed lithograph. Wayne is, arguably, the most renowned living American artist and is widely known for his paintings depicting commonplace objects. His work appeals to a broad audience and this lithograph would be a nice addition to any collection.

Another art work of interest is a framed Jules Tavernier (1844-1889) oil on canvas landscape. To me, original art of any kind helps make a home unique. You can sometimes find original art at auction or for sale by the artist him- or herself for less than the cost of a framed poster. You can, of course, also spend hundreds, thousands and beyond on original artwork. I feel it is important to buy what you love not what you think will increase in value. Markets, not appraisers, are the ultimate authenticators of value.

Turning to metal work, there are two notable items include a Meriden Britannia aesthetic movement lamp and a sterling wine funnel. The lamp is an exquisite untouched, all original example of the manufacturer’s use of mixed metal on the base (copper and brass) and enameled finish glass shade. The wine funnel has repousse decoration, a technique in which the silver is shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a low relief design. You can decant your wine in style!

I encourage you take a look at these and all the treasures in the inaugural 3rd Thursday Discovery auction!