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When it comes to selling art and antiques, Witherell’s has you covered.

We bring globally–connected experts quickly to your door to assess your needs and help you organize a plan of action. We save you money by accurately evaluating items and handling the logistics of selling them, and we bring relief in the form of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who make the entire process seamless and easy.

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“We serve the Bay Area, Central Valley and Northern California, and will work to get you the best return on your family heirlooms or objects of value. Our experts understand both the monetary and emotional value of items entrusted to us in an antique estate auction.”

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Brian and his team of experts are seasoned professionals who understand how to best help you navigate your consignment needs.

Witherell’s has guided thousands of customers in successfully selling their art and antiques. Perhaps a loved one has left you their estate and you need help with consigning their collectibles, or you might own a single high-value object that requires the discretion of a private sale. We can help you!

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