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Art, Design, and Objects of Value

Witherell’s, September 20, “Art, Design and Objects of Value” auction is full of newly discovered treasures. Recycle by Repurposing With so much emphasis on what can be done to reduce overflowing landfills, I’m surprised more attention has not been paid to...

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Buyer’s Premium

Other than its unique offerings, what sets Witherell’s auctions apart from the competition? Last month’s 3rd Thursday Discovery Auction for one, and Live Premier Auctions for another. For a consumer, these auctions offer every possible way to bid. You can do so in...

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Why Lindbergh?

A Life Long Collection Recently Brian and I had the opportunity to view an amazing life time collection. It had been started when the late owner had been a small child, back in 1927, and added to over the years until his passing, just four years ago. It was clear,...

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Kachina: Tradition and Artform

As I looked at the upcoming calendar for Witherell’s auctions, I was taken by the title “Kachina Dolls”, as it is a term I had never heard of. What are Kachina Dolls you ask? A kachina doll is a carved, painted, costumed doll made by Southwest Native Americans,...

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Polished and Repurposed

My most recent blog post focused on how art can make a home uniquely yours. Want to make your table settings also uniquely yours? Then use old silver serving pieces. A humble silver porringer with a revolutionary history A primary highlight of this premier auction is...

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Adventure and Style in the Living Room

As a designer, I tell my clients original art is what makes a home uniquely yours. I always encourage purchasing one of a kind original art within their budget rather than limited editions. But I make an exception for collectible posters. In particular travel posters,...

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