What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal determines the value of an object through market analysis.

Appraisals are often used for insurance purposes and for estates or donations. The most commonly used values are Fair Market Value, which is often used for estates or donations and Replacement Value, which is used for insurance coverage.

An appraisal should not be confused with an estimate of value (in other words an evaluation), which is a range of value based on our expertise.

Cost of an Appraisal

Appraisal fees are either by-the-project or hourly with a two-hour minimum.

We do not base the fee on a percentage of the value of the object. Travel fees may apply. A deposit of 50% of the fee is required at our initial visit with the remainder due upon completion.

Appraisal Process

Please contact us if you need an appraisal, and our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through the process.

The object being appraised should be easily accessible so that we can examine and photograph it. Any documents, receipts, prior appraisals, or relevant information should be made available.

You will receive a written appraisal report (that is in compliance with USPAP standards) in a timely manner.

Please call us to schedule your appraisal, on 916.446.6490

If you don’t need a formal appraisal report but just curious what your item(s) might be worth try our free online evaluation!

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