The Auction Insider

As a designer for over 25 years, I like to joke that I shop for a living. I sense a good value and have an ability to discern legitimate sellers. With the ease of price comparing on the internet, but the challenge of identifying reputable sources, I have found it more important than ever to seek out the best value and best quality for my clients.

The internet also has generated a large number of resale sites. While many require sellers to sign an agreement committing them to an exclusively listing, that is not always the case. The result being that buyers often find the same item listed by a single seller on numerous websites and sometimes at varying prices! And even if the multiple listings are not a violation of any agreement, it makes me question exactly what I am purchasing. Is the item actually as described? Am I paying a fair price?

These concerns have resulted in a “back to the future” response on my part – shopping for items at auction.

Much has evolved since I was an active auction buyer 25 years ago. Until recently the trend has been more favorable to sellers. Buyers were often hit at check out with buyer premiums which, in the heat of the moment to win an auction, the buyers overlooked and then ended up spending far more than their planned budget.

Witherell’s, recognizing an emerging trend toward cultivating and empowering buyers by eliminating the buyer’s premium, is launching a no premium Third Thursday Discovery Auction this month. And, understanding that buyers don’t like surprises such as varying or high shipping fees, Witherell’s is offering free shipping to all buyers with invoices totaling $500 or more.

In addition to the cost benefits, there are additional reasons to buy at this auction.

  • The items have been valued before being listed and the estimate is included in the item description.
  • They usually have far better construction, are unique, already have a wonderful character, can be reasonably priced, and often can be sold for what you paid for them, or more, should you decide to redecorate in the future.
  • Invoices are sent within 24 hours.
  • If you mail a check upon receipt you will have your item 7-8 days after the auction close, a very fast turnaround in the auction world.

Finally, Witherell’s Third Thursday Discovery Auction also offers an excellent technology platform for bidding on items. Bidders in this auction can only bid at You will not find the auction items on other auction or sales sites. This means that the sales price will not be searchable on the web, eliminating the possibility of future buyers learning the price you paid for the item. This will help protect the resale value should you choose to sell the item in the future.

What will you discover?